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Premature Ejaculation Causes - What's Stopping You Lasting Longer?

Before looking at all the skills I teach guys to help them last longer in bed I always like to sit them down and run through the real reasons why they are experiencing premature ejaculation. After all, if you want to try to stop something occurring you'll need to have a good idea of what's really causing it.

In most cases the causes of premature ejaculation are quite simple and can almost always be traced back to one or more of the following 4 triggers. And if you identify some of these factors for you personally theres no need to worry because they can all be easily reprogrammed once you know what to focus on. I cover exactly how you can do this here, but first it's really important that you get an understanding of the main triggers because they may not be what you are expecting.


Over the last 30 years our sexual expectations have skyrocketed. And this goes for both men and women. You could argue that this is due to the increasing sexual empowerment of women since the rise of feminism or even the influx of pornography due to the internet. And the end result of this is that men are now being expected to put in much better performances in bed.

However there's just one problem with this....

And that's evolution. You see, as much as you might want to enjoy sex for all it's worth, your body usually has different ideas. You see for it, sex is all about reproduction. About passing your genes onto the next generating and it will try its best to do it as efficiently as possible. By ejaculating as soon as it can.

The good news is however, that this can always be overcome by a few simple training techniques and mental switches.

Mental blocks

The mind plays a big part when it comes to sex. Some would even say it's the most important sexual organ. However from the hundreds of guys I have worked with face to face, what I can tell you is this.

Mental problems are NEVER the sole cause of premature ejaculation. These mental hangups will always come about by a lack of physical skills and knowledge.

Having said that,I've you mental skills and conditioning isn't up to scratch during sex it will make you physical mistakes much worse and often trigger a downwards spiral which quickly results in ejaculation.

The 2 most common mental factors contributing to premature ejaculation are:

Incorrect focus: Focusing on yourself and your genitals during sex is an express ticket to disappointment and so many guys get this totally wrong. The key is not to distract yourself but to focus on your partner. It might sound strange but it works incredibly when done the right way (see Getting In The Zone).

Anxiety sabotage: